Peaceful Sunday


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We work like machines sometimes but we are human beings. We need to stop, and revitalise at least one day a week. Even if we do things, they are not routine work, the things we enjoy doing on this fine day. Gardening, cooking, and baking do it for me. I know I will wake up to a clean house, which was Saturday’s work; such a relief! I call my family wherever they are in the world, for free. I bake, and enjoy doing that. This week it will be savoury muffins with rosemary and white cheese. In between, I take pics, if the weather permits, for joy. I don’t need to sell my photos…It’s part of me. Nowadays there’s this FAA, I’m very much involved with. I love my groups, what I don’t like are the comments! Waste of precious time. Those things need to be done as well. No joy in there but I see it as politeness, so…
Thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for reading 🙂
I wish you a peaceful Sunday…


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Spring 2017


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Hello friends! Today Spring has started officially, I was certainly aware of it, but unfortunately  I had been busy! It was a dark spring day, windy and cool. These images are from last year. There’s no blossom yet,  like snowdrops everything is a bit running late this year. Nature behind schedule? It seems, it can be…

I wish you all a truly happy Spring, full of smiles and love  ❤


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Sunday Rest



Sunday is in many ways a day to rest, spend time with our beloved ones, to rejuvenate, energise and to prepare ourselves for the coming new week. So we take things easy, have a delicious midday meal, and a lovely walk in the woods later.
Each spends it differently of course. The most important point in all this is to remain relaxed, happy and appreciative of our time, of the people we share our days with even though from afar.
Here’s to an ideal, happy Sunday rest. Greetings 😊


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Spring has sprung here…During the last few days we have been having sunny, mild days, no rain, and no strong winds. Just bird songs, or should I say “Spring Songs” ? Because nature is singing: early flowers are in full bloom. They are not only full of colour and fragrance but also full of music. This happens each year, but this year I must confess I had lost hope when the snowdrops didn’t show up on time, the early heralds of spring.  Now they are all there among narcissus, hellebore,  grape hyacinths, and crocuses…All together! 


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I wish you a happy Monday, a very happy new week, but most of  all an exciting  Spring  full of laughter and love   🙂


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PS. These photos are from yesterday!