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#macromonday with peony roses, and I’d like to talk about my post of #silentsunday.  A White Cat on A Quince Tree

That single photo was very important to me under the circumstances. After months of fighting with a serious illness my sweet cat was out and about, climbing on a tree. It is her kidneys that need constant care until her death. For a cat that was born in the garden, being inside, not wanting to go out was for me very difficult to accept. After weeks of force feeding, sleepless nights (still ) she is getting better with medicine ( for life), and a special cat fountain. Because these things should keep her alive.
That photo, and a few more showed her as her usual self: something that has made me silent and think about the difficult times we’ve been through. Is she out of the woods yet? I don’t know…Nothing is certain in life, we are not eternal. I will cherish our time together as I had always done with all my pets: dogs, cats, and a dear wild rabbit before ET.  As I’m planning to travel in coming years, ET will be my last furry companion for the time being. 


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I wish you a pleasant new week with your beloved ones 🙂


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