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We work like machines sometimes but we are human beings. We need to stop, and revitalise at least one day a week. Even if we do things, they are not routine work, the things we enjoy doing on this fine day. Gardening, cooking, and baking do it for me. I know I will wake up to a clean house, which was Saturday’s work; such a relief! I call my family wherever they are in the world, for free. I bake, and enjoy doing that. This week it will be savoury muffins with rosemary and white cheese. In between, I take pics, if the weather permits, for joy. I don’t need to sell my photos…It’s part of me. Nowadays there’s this FAA, I’m very much involved with. I love my groups, what I don’t like are the comments! Waste of precious time. Those things need to be done as well. No joy in there but I see it as politeness, so…
Thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for reading 🙂
I wish you a peaceful Sunday…


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