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Spring has sprung here…During the last few days we have been having sunny, mild days, no rain, and no strong winds. Just bird songs, or should I say “Spring Songs” ? Because nature is singing: early flowers are in full bloom. They are not only full of colour and fragrance but also full of music. This happens each year, but this year I must confess I had lost hope when the snowdrops didn’t show up on time, the early heralds of spring.  Now they are all there among narcissus, hellebore,  grape hyacinths, and crocuses…All together! 


IMG_6497 (2) HB


I wish you a happy Monday, a very happy new week, but most of  all an exciting  Spring  full of laughter and love   🙂


IMG_6594 (2) HB



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IMG_6378 (2)  HB.jpg


PS. These photos are from yesterday!