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It’s not a secret that I love birds very much. Since I found a dead blackbird in a cold winter day over six years ago, I have been feeding them. The order in the garden has started to decline, the left overs of bird food is all over the lawn, and it is dirtying  everywhere. The green woodpeckers dig the lawn, alongside the rabbits. And the blackbirds… (I won’t mention the moles, and the molehills here!!!)




There lies the mystery. I’ve always had them, digging everywhere in search of worms, serenading on my roof, always present from very early morning, till darkness. They were the first to wait, and were still there very late. This winter all of a sudden they were in flocks, many more than the usual amount. Now that the snow has melted away, they have all disappeared. All of them, for the first time. Where are they? Where did they go to? A mystery .
With the heavy snowfall, only for a day, starlings ended up in my garden to my utmost surprise. Most probably they were on the way to somewhere and saw the garden covered with bird food…in those snowy days I was feeding them continuously, breaking the bank!
Now finally the small birds can enjoy the food without being chased by the blackbirds. I can think of one thing about their disappearance: In those snowy days there were birds of prey in the garden leaving feathers behind of their victims. Mostly doves, and also blackbirds. Is it the reason for this missing flock?
I still have tits, yellow finches, sparrows, and the rare robins. I am happy with calling crows, restless magpies. But the jays have gone too…

I wish you a happy weekend  🙂