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I begin this post by wishing you a peaceful, and lovely Sunday. I had hoped by yesterday’s post by mentioning my other site to give you another chance to visit this -if I may say so myself- beautiful site with well chosen flowers, a bit of information, sometimes nothing but flowers, as it is stated in ” About “…
I’ve started bethsflorals.com thinking that I could post my flower photos exclusively there, and “Smiling to life” to all the other subjects. It was never for commercial reasons, I never asked anyone to buy them! They are not for sale!!!
Yesterday only a few , next to followers of the site who had already visited this post, a handful persons had READ “PS” section where I mentioned bethsflorals. Thanks to you all anyway even though you didn’t .
I’m ending bethsflorals by May, I know the value, and the beauty of my floral photography, and it’s simply not worth my time, if others are ignoring them.
I wish you the best in life, wherever you are.