Hi everyone! I am looking back here and sharing my thoughts of 2015 about Winter Solstice…. A day late? I’ve been very busy yesterday and also wanted this #throwbackthursday!
I wish you a wonderful winter; happy healthy, and accident free…

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The winter of 2015 will be starting today. A mild gliding to the coldest season. Or is it? Up till now we’ve had a few hours of snowfall which didn’t leave any trace except a few shots while it was falling. Our planet is warming, there’s no doubt about it. The nations of earth are signing agreements, after long discussions. Aren’t we a bit late?
The earth will come to an end as it was predicted centuries ago. In how many generations, that’s the question!
There’s only one thing I can do today: wishing you an enjoyable, happy, even an unforgettable winter. Please post your winter/snow photos for all of us not to forget how winter once was…


In 2015, winter begins on December 21, 11:48 P.M. EST. (Eastern Standard Time = in about 10 mins)


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