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Magical number “thousand” first appeared in Flickr: 1.383 are the number of followers I have there…

Then recently my followers in Fine Art America passed thousand. At the moment it is 1.007 but it may go to either way!

And today this special post is my Thousandth…This won’t change as followers elsewhere can float in any direction at any moment. This “Thousand” is my pride and joy! How very exciting!

When I started at the end of 2013 (November to be precise), I had time to write, and I enjoyed it very much. Nowadays it has lost its regularity, alas! I try to fit it in whenever I can make time. My posts are as short as a few sentences although I yearn to write proper posts. There is so much to write, yet time remains a rarity… I would like to thank you my fellow bloggers even if you have read only one of my posts, liked, and/or left a comment…You have been in my life over three years now. I shared almost everything with you, and you showed sympathy, and shared my joy with me.

I don’t think they read my posts in Twitter, Facebook or in G+. I guess they just see the featured image and that’s all…

Thank you all a thousand times and over.

PS. 1. Featured image “Calla Lily In The Rain” has 1,185 views, in FAA
2. African Daisy from bethsflorals.com has now reached 15,333 views in Flickr, and counting…





1,000 Posts
Congratulations on writing 1000 posts on Smiling to life.worldpress!