Once upon a time when I had time to write tales….Yesterday Facebook reminded me of this…Now I am presenting it to you one more time…I hope you’ll have a great Thursday 🙂

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It’s been a long winter; everywhere was covered with snow as far as eyes could see. Humans were in need of fruit, vegetables, meat, and poultry, but there were none. They had eaten most of their livestock, almost finished all their winter stock.
And nature? Nature suffered more than the humans, no water, no food, icy winds froze most of the birds, and then they became food for the others. Sad but it is the natural circle of life, nothing lost, and everything has its purpose.
After another cold, very dark night: no moon or stars to be seen, they opened their eyes to the warm, happy – mostly pinks and oranges- colours of dawn. Colours arrived to their world and not only black! They had enough of that colour! With trembling, cold feet they all came out to watch the stunning sunrise they could not compare to any they…

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