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“When you think that all possible unpleasant things crossed your way, and now a moment to breath. Wrong! More to come to annoy you, to lose your faith in humans yet again.
On the other hand if you love nature, you should accept it also with its ugly, barbarous side. Little fish/big fish, survival of the fittest, and so on. Cruelty is expected in nature. We are supposed to be better, refined, civilised, clever. Are we really? As I see the behaviour of some around, I doubt it. Well dressed animals, no offence lovely creatures.
Life throws challenges at us, some you face courageously, some is impossible to accept or fight. So tired, sick and tired of life, of circumstances…I tried to fight the nettles in frustration without protective clothing , I have now tingling arms and legs as a result. Too hot to work outside anyway.
This is like a confession I see in films: “Forgive me father, for I’ve sinned” Having poured out my anger and sadness, now I can go back to other chores even though I’d like to be lazy for a change!
” No rest for the wicked” Don’t you think?”

I saw this in my dairy ( Yes, I keep one to get the unpleasant things out of my system.) dating back to July 18, a very hot summer day. Just suitable for #throwbackthursday. I do remember why I was angry about. I am calm now, and I’ve forgiven those humans making me that angry long time ago. Even though I carried the swollen, painful blisters for a week on my bare legs and arms.
I’m happy it’s autumn now, cooler temps, colourful surroundings. That will lead us to winter, to almost total isolation in my case. First enjoy the magical tranformation…

Happy Thursday everyone ā¤ļø