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A quiet, peaceful Sunday morning. Contrary of what one thinks, countryside is not always quiet and peaceful. Giant agricultural machines   are continuously passing through; , the noise for instance of work while preparing hay, hunters with their dogs, all that shouting…Happily in the cool morning sun, the cats before me: Jade and ET, my iPad on my lap I’m enjoying the rare quietude.
Once I had a comment, for my somewhat philosophical blog post, saying that I’d better stick with taking pictures of flowers. I know it wasn’t very flattering. I believe since then I stopped being the boss of my own blog, and published flower photos mainly. I’ve even had another site just for that. In our very busy lives that’s a bit too much. Nowadays we have many interests, hobbies, thoughts to share with others, to enjoy them with others.
Guess what, this sudden thought brought me to my senses. My simple words mean something, at least to me…
A happy and peaceful Sunday…