I’ve been reminded of this recently by Facebook. Only now I can reblog it. As the photos had been removed (NOT BY ME!!!) I replaced them with recent photos…
Nice to be carefree ❤

Smiling to life.wordpress

When I look at the synonyms of carefree, a big smile settles to my face: untroubled, blithe, breezy, cheerful, easy-going, halcyon, happy-go-lucky, light-hearted….

This is how one should be, touching the responsibilities, serious matters of daily life: still looking at the events and people with positivity and somehow with happiness. This is my interpretation. I follow a gentleman on Twitter whose bio reads just that: Jollygolucky… I love it if you can call yourself that!

We all have our fair share of complications, problems, and also bright lights of happiness trying to attract our attention very near to us. Sometimes we just pass through, unaware, unnoticed… Once in a while it is wise to tilt our heads, slow down our pace and face those happy rays… How long will they last?  Hard to tell. Is it worth paying attention? I wouldn’t know. I only know one thing that at the end…

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