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The best few weeks of summer! When night temps are cool so that you can sleep well, and rest well. When the birds have done their duty, now quieter, and calmer. When the chicks lost their enthusiasm of meeting the world, chirping around happily, and settled. The fruit is ripening: apples, pears, quinces are all getting bigger, and the branches are breaking.
People went on vacation and returned, schools will open their doors in two weeks time. We’ll be thinking about chimney sweep, getting wood and petroleum in; asking for maintenance of heating and chimney…In other words preparing ourselves for colder days, months to come. Beautiful seasons… Looking forward to wonderful days ahead. Unknown, exciting times waiting for us.
All this came from early berry picking with dew drops on them, untouched. Life is good, or life is still good with its beauties, its difficulties to give us reason to fight, to enjoy more for our achievements. 


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Happy Tuesday to you all ❤️


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