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It’s summertime. Most of the people have already left for holidays, it’s noticeable in the city…There are also sale signs everywhere! Today I’ve come out for the first time in my life that summer isn’t my favourite season, my favourite time of the year! It’s hot: of course the main characteristic of summer…With heat, in countryside all insects come alive! I love butterflies and bees around. I don’t like big, fat, black flies which buzz around, and  eager to get in the house. Nor I like  mosquitoes…On top of it people are generally very noisy, and they think because we have big gardens and trees we can’t hear them. BBQ smoke?  

Now the best side of summer: colourful gardens full of bursting flowers and those elegant butterflies dancing around, the buzzing busy bees…The hues of green  in combination with those stunning flowers. Which season can beat that? 

Summertime isn’t a good time for holidays for me as it is impossible to find someone to take care of the garden this size. Besides I’d like to stay in the coolness of my house.

Thank you letting me pour out my heart before wishing you all a fantastic weekend wherever you are…Take care 🙂


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