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These images are from yesterday. The way hawfinch looks at me is intriguing: There’s no fear in those looks, more like “let me be, then I can get on with it! You’re disturbing me…” The birds dare more now than in any other season. They have a role to fulfill, providing for their offspring is as real as by humans. I’ve written many a time, I do admire them. For me their instinct is equal to humans’ love for their children.
This is my #tuesdaytreat for this week, I hope you’ll like them šŸ™‚Ā 


IMG_8268 (2)  HB


PS.Ā Hawfinch is the biggest bird of the Fringillidae Family. This bird has distinctive heavy silhouette with its ā€œhugeā€ bill and head, and short neck and head, and short neck and tail…Always shy and difficult to see, the hawfinch has become even more enigmatic in recent years with a decline in many of its traditional breeding areas.Many live in my garden…This is one of them…


IMG_8277 (2)  HB