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Here I am in a garage far away from shopping centres, in between two small places, and nothing much to see or click around. I took the photos of the showroom cars, all clean and shiny. Another customer, also waiting for his car speaks to me in English which is seldom here. He apologises for his broken English, I’m glad he made the effort! An elderly gentleman with his 4-G phone. I have to wait a long time: aside from changing the winter tires, it needs maintenance of 30 thousand kilometres which is “grand entretien” and may take up to 2 hrs. As there’s no wifi connection I’m prepared. My iPad has “word” : I can write, and also I can read…Thanks for the big favours of technology. (My smartphone I rarely take with me!!! Bizarre?  I know!)
The showroom is very well lit, and I’m glad. There’s a car before me which was already sold, and I very much would like to own one day! It’s Toyota FJ Cruise, A magnificent car 4×4 obviously…A car to take to a safari, a car that has the endurance of many camels in itself. So you see I’m daydreaming, I may not own it ever, I have the images. It should be enough for the moment!


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PS. This happened yesterday…