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There are blue flowers in this world and I love them all. I can’t explain the reason why; whether they make me happy or blue! Maybe both and that’s a very good feeling! 

Here are some from bluebells to forget-me-nots, from Scilla siberica to Senecio and even The Blue Orchid… I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I wish you all a wonderful Friday  🙂


IMG_3411 (2)  HB


IMG_4154 (3)  HB


IMG_4678 (2)  HB


IMG_4767 (2)  HB


IMG_4783 (2)  HB


IMG_4928 (2)  HB


IMG_6014 (2)  HB


IMG_4986 (2)  HB


IMG_4988 (2)  HB


IMG_6540 (2)  HB


IMG_4997 (2)  HB


IMG_6013 (2)  HB


IMG_6542 (2)  HB