There are a few people in western world who make their own clothes. Everything is prefabricated and we buy them ready to wear. The same goes for our food. Except the raw vegetables, tin, frozen, and ready-to-go food are all pre prepared food which we use daily . The salt and sugar content in prepackaged food is immense. Therefore we are taking, quite unaware, too much of those substances daily. When we are told by our practitioner not to use one or both of them, we try to follow our diet to the t and also try not to touch those in our daily diet! If we don’t checked the food labels meticulously and not to buy ones with high salt and sugar content, we will be facing an involuntary intake, thus jeopardizing our health!
Be very careful and pay really attention to food labels for the sake of your good health…


PS. Due to a recent unpleasant situation, I won’t be uploading many photos. The ones I’m using  will be already on Flickr and FAA. So downloading my images has no point…This words are NOT for my friends who regularly visit, like and comment. I know exactly who!