A cloudy, yet a warmer day than the recent cold days. The fragrances of lilac trees (I can’t call them shrubs anymore) fill the air that takes you to another world: heavenly…There’s work wherever I look! The lawn is finally ship shape: just picking up fallen pine cones and branches before mowing, that’s all. The border shrubs are grown out of proportions, they need to be trimmed. Otherwise all branches will break in a heavy snowfall. Never too late to learn the grass trimmer that needs to be put into good use around.
Tiny feathers are flying in the wind, a work of a prey bird. They come and dive in an instant to get a blue tit or a sparrow. The rule of nature that I cannot understand. ET is studying those feathers, growling. She wishes she had done this, I guess.

I see finally butterflies and click a rare one. Bees were very early this year but I don’t see much around now. Cold nights?
Time to continue the work a bit more before going behind the PC to my paying job…


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I hope you are having a lovely Thursday   🙂


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