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Fritillaria meleagris= Snake’s head fritillary

Fritillary  meleagris is a bulbous perennial to 30cm in height, with lance-shaped, greyish-green leaves and 1-2 nodding, bell-shaped purple flowers, the petals tessellated with pale pink in a checkerboard fashion.


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Fritillaria Checkered Lily Meleagris White
Similar to the more common purple and white checkered lily, this unusual flower is a study subtlety. The checkered pattern is white on white, like that found on a fine china. Excellent for arrangements where the delicate pattern can be appreciated. This fritillaria has slender, silvery-green foliage that doesn’t require much room and the nodding, bell-shaped, checkered flowers weave well between fuller spring perennials. Deer and rodent resistant. These bulbs are nursery propagated, not collected from the wild.


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This year I have only one white fritillary showed up, loving it!. The colourful ones in two places, they appeared unexpectedly, and they are delightful…


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Happy Friday everyone  🙂


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