A blog post of two years old, and still so true…
I hope you’ll enjoy a fine day 🙂

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We all know the meaning of friendship : being friends with someone, sharing  good and  not so good days, events, persons in one’s life… To speak up one’s mind, to tell the truth always about anything and everything, be open in other words… There is no room for cheating in a friendship. It needs also understanding for the subjects you choose to keep to yourself. Friendship is not possessive, it is generously giving without expecting anything in return.  If there is, we simply are grateful and accept it with open arms.
Recently I have been told by a good friend that there is still a place in her heart for a friend in need next to her beautiful family… You can imagine how emotional one can get after such a heartwarming statement. Another very good friend is always near to share anything you want to share without asking any questions, lending an…

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