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The purring snowy cat also needs attention. Nothing more can be done for the birds. Snow covers all the food on the ground. I see the closed feeding places empty, they don’t/can’t even fly freely. The snowfall is heavy, merciless, and yet so very beautiful. It’s quiet, calm, like a bride in white, indulged in deep thoughts.
I truly lost count; is this the seventh or eight time that snow surprises us to change our plans, to cancel trips/travels, walks? The weekend forecast looks different: warm temps and rain. Which one would I choose? If there wasn’t the bird situation, I guess I’d choose the snow! It’s the gift from above to purify, to equalise the colours, to cover all plants and flowers like a protecting blanket. The snowfall is so elegant, so silent. Suddenly the baton of the conductor hushed the music giving way this white symphony of silence.
Next to me ET purrs nonstop. I keep listening to the snow symphony…


IMG_3822 (2)  HB


PS. The photos are from yesterday 2016 March 7.