I found these among my photos a few years back. I remember how difficult it was to shoot these (and some more) behind the long grass from a distance. They are the second destroyers of the grass next to blackbirds… They come, dig and lick ants…Nobody is safe even deep in the ground! Here are some facts about them:


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The Green Woodpecker is shy and wary, they climb up tree trunks and branches and will move around to be on the side away from anyone watching. It is usually its loud calls which first draw attention, and it rarely drums on tree trunks, unlike its brethren in the species. Its’ flight is undulating, with 3-4 wingbeats followed by a short glide when the wings are held by the body.  It is a resident breeder, and so can be seen all year round.

The principle diet of the Green Woodpecker is Ants, both adults, and lave, it digs them out of the ground with its’ bill, and then licks them up, with its’ long (10cm) and flexible tongue which has barbs on the tip for catching hold of the Ants. The tongue is so long, it has to be curled around inside its skull.


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I wish you a happy, peaceful Sunday  🙂