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Even in the cyber world if you come across to an old friend be it from Twitter, PoetryZoo, or World Press, you feel happy as if you have met a real life friend. Of course no hugging or a quick kiss on the cheek, it feels great all the same! I am not talking about those cyber friends: ex-friends, they block you, feel animosity about you as soon as they find out that you want to go on with your life without their presence. They hate you! So let them…
I just had a comment on one of my poems from such a cyber friend after months of absence. There we know one another through our writing, and an occasional comment/answer. Reading about feelings through work brings one another together, just appreciation and nothing more! This is a beautiful and meaningful friendship without asking questions, or expecting any! It is what it is, and that makes it special. The admiration for writing, respect, and acceptance of one’s feelings from distance is so nice and contemporary!
I love my cyber friends as much as the real life ones. After all they are also from flesh and blood, and real human beings on a distance…


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I wish you a fine Thursday full of friendships and love  đź™‚


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