Here ends the mystery: Before sunrise this morning I got help; So with torches in our hands we went out to search the garden which is huge, full of mature trees and it is still snow covered about 20 cm deep. At the back of the garden where I leave food for nocturnal visitors and also a wildlife camera situated, we found blood and fight traces on the snow. The camera shows a fox chasing ??? something which is not clearly visible.
This had never happened before. I am sorry mentioning my scare and angst but I could not control my nerves properly! In other words I lost my cool…..
Sometimes we live alone by choice, and enjoy its advantages. At a certain point we clearly need help, the presence of another person in our lives even for a moment to reassure us that all will be well, and there’s nothing to worry about anymore!


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I wish you all a safe and fine Thursday!


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