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This was the title of my very first blog post back in Winter 2013. According to forecast in coming days we will be having a cold snap/spell. It wasn’t mentioned how short it’s going to be. So like three years ago, I made preparations for winter, it’s really winter after all…
Bird and cat food neatly stored, the freezer and unheated room now filled with necessary food for me. As there’s no possibility to reach the stores by foot, in case of heavy snowfall better prepared than be sorry or hungry in my case…
I know they can keep the roads clean up to a certain point but where I live isn’t one of their priorities. So they’ll come when they’ve finished clearing other places. This winter for the first time I have winter tires installed into my car, and it is fully insured; so I may dare to drive when the roads are reasonably safe. I may surprise myself! Who knows?


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May it be a wonderful and also safe winter for all of us   🙂


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