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This morning it was dark, chilly in the garden, and the grass was wet…These photos are from early morning in my garden…They are not only flowers I am afraid! There are beautiful Hellebores flowering: about a month now. I thought to post them maybe on a #macromonday.


IMG_1876  HB


There are still some flowers in the wildflower garden:


IMG_1881  HB




It’s great to see ET up and about…


IMG_1878  HB


IMG_1871 (2)  HB


And this redhead? A delight…


IMG_1822  HB


Love this wild Nigellas.


IMG_1887  HB


IMG_1879  HB


IMG_1877  HB


IMG_1880  HB


IMG_1889  HB


I hope you will all have an amazing year full of happy moments, and laughter   🙂


IMG_1883  HB