There are days we just want to forget, give up, and can’t move on. There’s always something or someone to blame on without asking ourselves “Where did we go wrong?”. I can never remain in unhappy or anger mode for long happily.
There are also days we feel happy, liberated, full of smiles, light as a feather, even flying, our feet won’t even touch the ground. That’s how I feel today.
Despite the weather which isn’t sunny or bright. Contrarily, it is windy ( I can’t decide whether they are whistling or howling), mild, and darkish…And I’m not questioning why I’m happy.
I know! I know that it’s a state of mind (I won’t have any debate about it) and some days we are more appreciative about the joys in our life than the other times. That appreciation, gratefulness give way to smiles, even though there’s pain: bodily or otherwise, all the time.
I just wanted to share my smiles with you today. To appreciate our precious time on this earth, and to say that life is sweet no matter what!


IMG_0131  HB (2)


A happy Sunday to you all  🙂


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