Returning from the sea and the mountains, I stayed a few days in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey for the sights and to catch my flight to Munich.
Here you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up. Morning prayers, as all the others, were called from the minarets very loud and clear by a “muezzin” in the darkness of the early hours. During this call so many more callings join like the echoes through the mountains filling the chilly, dark city sky. It is very impressive and awe inspiring.
Then falls the silence. It takes another hour or so for the sun to show up and gradually warm the November cold. The traffic starts slowly yet surely to roar through the streets of this immense city that has grown out of proportions in every direction.


Another worry was to return home, and how to return home. I rarely live home for long distance holidays. Weekly trips to Maastricht or Luxembourg cannot be considered as faraway destinations. So you can imagine my horror when I found out about a week strike decision of Lufthansa cabin personnel. Why oh why they needed to do that while I was away from home, missing my son and my ET? I became so upset that I could hardly move, paralised…The deadline of syndicate to the direction of Lufthansa was unbearable, counting every second. Then calls to Lufthansa Help Center in Istanbul waiting to be connected up to twenty minutes each time. Uncertainty after each conversation, telling you call back again in so many hours. This was the case until the last night before the flight, they just told me “get to the airport, and practically find out yourself”… When I left home it was the winter time change and return Sunday it was the case in Turkey. All in all very different trip than I anticipated.
Well I will save you the gory details, body searches (in Germany) and running like crazy from one plane to another to catch the connecting flight… My parting words to plane’s crew was: ”Thank you for bringing us home!” I am back and truly happy to be home again. Next time when I yearn for the sea, I’ll take my car and drive to that miraculous existence I so adore…

IMG_0295  HB

A fine Tuesday…