Hi you’all!
This #throwbackthursday is all about one of my old posts: “Dreamcatcher” is dated back to January 10 of this year. Before that time I was feeling down, could’t sleep properly, a black phase of my life. Sleeping tablets didn’t work: in a sense they worked but during the day I was feeling like a zombie, couldn’t function well, and there was the danger of getting addicted! So I stopped. Now what? I had several discussions with myself during those sleepless nights, and there was the answer:
I was behaving normally to outside world; posting on WP, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ( just started on FAA), as if nothing was wrong with me…
So I should have applied the same to my feelings, worries, to bad people who were the cause of all this. I did! It took a while to turn my situation to a happy end; but it could be done with positive thoughts, perseverance, and thinking the happiest moments of one’s life! I have become happy again and could have a proper night rest finally 🙂
Then I thought to talk about it without mentioning “me”. I don’t like talking about me all the time…Dreamcatcher was a success. I still don’t know how it is possible but people find, read and sometimes  like it …. Here it is:


I wish you all a fine Thursday  🙂