Hi you all,

As you know I have squirrels visiting my garden and I do love them to bits… Sometimes when I’m out and about taking photos of flowers, fallen leaves, one may happen to be there already. Sometimes I scare them while talking to ET, when I notice it/them too late. Sometimes I am on my own, silent, occupied, happy with flowers and I notice from the corner of my eye a red existence…Then there’s this connection that I’m allowed to shoot some lovely images…This was one of them… 

I have a new series lined up, and coming very soon  🙂

IMG_8869  HB

I’m here…Any news?

IMG_8870  HB

Will you please bring me some nuts? Birds ate everything…

IMG_8871  HB

I’ll wait, hurry!

IMG_8872  HB

I’ll eat some seeds then…

IMG_8873  HB

OMG!!! Cat Alarm…..

IMG_8874  HB

OK, I’ll stay, if you keep her away… That ET is trouble!

Happy weekend all, see you soon 🙂