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In the United States, Tibouchina is not normally thought of as a houseplant. Indeed, outside of the subtropical zones where its used as a landscape plant, it’s not much thought of at all. I think this is a shame, since it’s such a beautiful plant with striking purple flowers, silvery and velvety leaves, and an open growth habit.

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The plant also goes by the name glory bush or princess flower, perhaps because of its royal purple flowers. In terms of ease, Tibouchina is not terribly difficult, but it is particular. Meet its requirements and you’ll have a wonderful, novel houseplant. Annoy it, and you’ll have a floor littered with dead leaves and a very unhappy plant.


I have regularly posted about this beautiful plant. These photos are recent ones though. They are still in bloom, and living indoors nowadays…

I wish you a fun Friday 🙂

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