”Galtonia is a genus of plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. Native to Southern Africa, the genus is named after Sir Francis Galton. According to some authorities it has been subsumed into Ornithogalum as a sub genus, while others prefer to keep it as a separate genus.”

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I met Galtonia last summer when it started to emerge from the ground after 6 months waiting. As you see background is Lavender plants. I thought they made a nice combination…

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This information is from Royal Horticultural Society:

Galtonia are bulbous perennials with erect strap-shaped leaves and erect stems carrying cone-shaped terminal racemes of nodding, bell-shaped white or green flowers 

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Galtonia viridiflora is a perennial to 1m in height, with arching stems bearing racemes of pale green flowers in late summer…

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Plant range  S Africa Lesotho

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I totally forgot about Galtonia because I couldn’t make a proper photo and didn’t even think of uploading it to FAA… Until yesterday: As I leave my bulbs dry out naturally, while passing this tall plant, the dried flowers made a sound as they were carrying seeds…

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I collected them, and I am planning to grow them from these seeds for coming summer…What a joy!

A wonderful Friday to you all  🙂

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