Where are the days gone? I believe one asks this question from time to time. One ponders… Our days are filled with work, hobbies, social obligations, our smart phones among others… 24 hours a day isn’t enough anymore. What do we do to fit in everything? We cut on table-eating: we eat on the move; and mostly on takeaway food. What happened to cooking from scratch? It takes too long!
As work takes precedent, our social life suffers: We try to keep in contact with phone calls, Skype, short messages, and if we can squeeze a free time in between, we meet our friends face to face…Phew!!!
I envy those who can enjoy a warm, cordial conversation at a table during dinner for hours over literature, art, and life in general… Those are the ones stopping from the hectic life, and saying ”Time to enjoy family, friends, the beloved one”. Life passes us by with such a speed that it is entirely up to us to make the most of our precious days, hours…
I hope our health won’t prevent us having fun, enjoying life to the full. That’s what I’m going to wish for everyone:
A stunning/peaceful/adventurous/beautiful life to you all my dear friends   🙂

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