Greetings to you all…

In September there are some white flowers in my garden. They look so beautiful; I decided to have them as my subject this Friday…It’s 9/11 and I want to bring white as eternal peace symbol on this beautiful day…

IMG_8042 (2)  HB


IMG_8048  HB

Mount Shasta……..Rosal Grandiflora = Big white rose

IMG_8053  HB

Mount Shasta……..Rosal Grandiflora = Big white roses

IMG_8067  HB

White coneflower   Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’

IMG_8089 (2)  HB

Astrantia (Masterwort Plant)

IMG_8102  HB

Southwind lily

IMG_8125  HB

Fallopia baldschuanica = Russian vine, Bukhara fleeceflower, Chinese fleecevine, mile-a-minute and silver lace vine. A climber…

IMG_8171  HB

Hydrangea : just changing colour to pink…

IMG_8035  HB

Wishing you all a happy Friday  with love 🙂