Greeting you all from a rainy Monday morning. I hope you’re all well…

My gladiola flowers weren’t very productive this summer; as usual blame it on drought…So I wanted to buy some to cheer myself up. When the florist heard that I’d be photographing them, he threw another 10 mixed coloured flowers in. I returned home with 40 gladioli… Here are some macro images with  gardening information:

IMG_8155 HB

Gladiolus is also commonly referred to by the name of its genus – Gladiolus, the plural form of which can be Gladiole, Gladioluses or Gladioli. Gladiolus is also known as the Sword Lily, due to its sword shaped leaves, or Corn Lily.

IMG_8156 (2) HB

The genus Gladiolus comprises 260 species, 250 of which are native to sub-Saharan Africa, mostly South Africa. About 10 species are native to Eurasia. The impressive flower spikes of Gladioli come in a wide array of beautiful colours.

IMG_8147 HB

The  Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance. It also expresses infatuation, telling the receiver that he or she pierces the heart. It also stands for strength of character, faithfulness and honour.

IMG_8149 HB

I wish you all a wonderful new week with love and smiles  🙂

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