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Cosmos are freely flowering annual plants that are ridiculously easy to grow. The flowers sit atop long slender stems and form a cloud of colour that not only looks attractive throughout the summer, but also attract bees, butterflies and birds to gardens. They grow as easily in beds as they do in containers and they also make great cut flowers. Cosmos will self-seed, but not to the point of becoming a nuisance.

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There are 2 types of cosmos typically grown in gardens.

Cosmos sulphureus is a North American native  with golden yellow blooms. It is very drought tolerant and loves hot weather. They grow 1-2 feet tall and come in double and semi-double flowers, however some of the more recent cultivars tend to be shorter, more orangy and with smaller flowers.

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Cosmos bipinnatus are the colourful daisy-like flowers that come in white, pinks, reds and orange. There are quite a few series of hybrids and although they are not quite as heat tolerant as C. sulphureus, they will grow well just about anywhere.


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