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Hi Friends,

Last Friday on a hot summer day, we went to Aachen, Germany for a day trip. Since my son found out about a factory outlet of LINDT = Swiss chocolate factory, Aachen has become very interesting for both of us. Because I can only eat their 99 % cacao chocolate, no other factory produces that. My son loves them all….

I wanted to see inside famous Aachen Cathedral…In fact they only show Palatine Chapel.

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Aachen Cathedral, also referred to as the Kaiserdom (“Imperial Cathedral”) of Aachen, is a building of great historical, architectural and religious importance. Built by Charlemagne in 805 AD, its unique design was highly influential on German church architecture and it was a site of imperial coronations and pilgrimage for many centuries.

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The Palatine Chapel was designed by Odo of Metz. He based it on the Byzantine church of San Vitale (completed 547 AD) in Ravenna, Italy. This accounts for the very eastern feel to the chapel, with its octagonal shape, striped arches, marble floor, golden mosaics, and ambulatory. It was consecrated in 805 to serve as the imperial church.

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This chapel later was integrated to the cathedral; only site open for public. Here you see this chapel through selected photos -I took many- with permission to shoot…

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I hope you enjoy them. With this I wish you a lovely Tuesday 🙂

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