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Hi to you all,

This will seem to be a complaint, but it isn’t! I love all the seasons, on the other hand I’d like to see them behave according to their given names…If Spring is a very dry one, how can we expect trees, , shrubs, flowers to grow and flourish? What about the birds? Where do they get their water and feed their chicks? And all the other animals?

It is Throw Back Thursday, so I remembered how I felt in a hot summer day, and bringing it to you now…I know I’m jumping the gun, sorry to Summer lovers…

Smell of resin in hot summer sun
brings memories of carefree holidays
fallen cones cracking under my feet.
The grass is dry and yellowish now.
Another summer in unbearable heat
soon will be autumn, then we all breathe…

Have a delightful day  🙂

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