Adoration, love, respect, and many more feelings are destined to change in one’s life. There are persons of course we cherish with all those feelings during our lifetime and nothing will change. So why am I talking about changes of feelings?
Sometimes it’s wise to take some distance and to look at our life from a different point of view. You are now looking at somebody else’s life, thoughts with an advantage that you know this life inside out. Be harsh and critical. Do you like what you see or would you change a few things if you could?
Take your time; nobody is going anywhere.
Whatever you’re going to decide you need to be happy at all times; after all we are on this earth only once. Days should be filled with peace and joy within; no forced feelings…
I believe I’ve found happiness, simplicity, tranquility in nature. I am not fighting with myself any more. Very close to nature and “far away from the madding crowd” as much as humanly possible…
I have a few people that I will love and respect all my life beside my family. I am happy their presence in my thoughts that will help me through  difficult times, and I will smile thinking of them when I am at the happiest times… God bless you all, even though you’re not aware of it…Like angels…