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Yesterday It was my lucky day = it was squirrel day… In spite of hard winds and cold spring showers, I could go out from time to time to stretch my legs and enjoy the air of hyacinth fragrance… Once in the morning (tree images) and then in the afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting my beautiful squirrels. Yes, plural. Because it’s spring and that time of the year that nature also has amorous feelings all of a sudden…Winter over, it’s time to have a new family, feed them unselfishly and let them go before winter… Circle of life…Much more simpler than us humans without having broken hearts, tears, sleepless nights, yearnings…..

I love nature, I guess you can tell. We might simplify our lives if we could learn from nature. I don’t say to copy them, but just learn from them.The images from this point on are from yesterday afternoon; lunch was served…

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Happy Thursday all; hugs   🙂