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Hi everyone! I hope you’ll all have a great St. Valentine’s Day on Saturday,  you may celebrate it or you will not, it’s just another day after all. There are millions of lonely people around the world, also many more who are just happy to have someone on-line to share their feelings with. I’d like to share mine dating back to 14 February 2014 with an acrostic. I skipped St, and I don’t remember now why I did it…At that day or it may be later appreciated by one fellow blogger, thank you 🙂


Value your prayers, your whole being,
A simple gesture, a smile on your face.
Loving every word, every hug and kiss
Enjoy being in your arms, will always be
near you in person or in thoughts…
Thankful for closeness, affection spent
in our moments, celebrating days, and months.
Nights with you in endless perfection, tender,
Ecstasy, holding hands, losing time, sense,
Silent, with unspoken words full in your eyes…

Delight, thrill, pure joy, euphoria, all in one
Away from madness of the world, together
you and me, our happiness, nothing further…


Wishing you a wonderful day, today and everyday with love 🙂