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It snowed again and covered everything. Very nice to see I have to admit. Beautiful black and white style photos because snow is white and the rest is dark. So simple is that! Just my garden images.  At one point I want to shoot woods, frozen lakes, the rest of the nature out there…


The most amazing revelation came through this thick layer of snow: first morning after snowfall when I was out and about, I couldn’t believe my eyes: my garden which is as big as a football field, was covered with wildlife tracks. I could distinctly see rabbits ran around, almost on every corner of the garden; deer visited again, it always does when it snows (or only noticeable on the snow) and many more tracks I couldn’t identify. All those tracks reminded me of ever crowded Piccadilly Circus.  As I failed to install a motion-activated night vision camera, unfortunately missed all that action!


As the snow covers grass, trees, so does the roads. The plow trucks that are sweeping the road, closed my gate again, as usual…The council thinks it’s up to you to clean or not before your gate. If you don’t and accidentally someone slips and falls before your gate you’ll be responsible. And plow trucks are never responsible piling up snow before my door!  Same old story. If I can’t get out to take all those beautiful snowy landscape photos, staying indoors isn’t that attractive anymore…


Yet I can take photos of birds! Yes, they are a bit slower now with their wet wings, and I may just take some good shots. I finally shot Robin, Wood Pigeon, Blackbirds, Magpie, House sparrows, Yellowhammer and many more…The forecast predicts that we’ll have two days of positive temps (just 0). Will it be enough to melt everything before turning to wintery mode later in the week? Who knows? Hopefully next time I’ll be more careful not to hit the ground and avoid turning to black-and-blue, as I am now, fingers crossed…


Wishing you all a very happy day wherever you are 🙂