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After ten days of howling winds, they simply ceased to howl; they dropped. Silence! All trees suffered with broken branches on the ground, there’s a few days work to tidy up. Those tiny birds happily survived, maybe thanks to higher temperatures of this mild winter.

Silence! Finally one can hear the little creatures of nature: squirrels, mice, rabbits on the dried leaves moving away hurriedly, and chirpings of all sorts of birds…  I can hear myself thinking, yes I can think in the end without worrying about the damage those winds would be bringing with…

Thinking in silence! So much to think about, so much to organize…Then I remember a friend and his time management. Working in a well organized way but being always in a hurry just to stay in the limits of self-made timetable! Running with the time…Tiring!  As most of us work with deadlines running with the time is essential as long as we keep in mind that we are human beings and not machines.

There is so much going on in my life professionally at the moment that one has to organize not to miss any obligation, also save time for hobbies. I love reading and I just finished reading “The Celestine Prophecy”.  Given chance and time I’d like to write a post about it, it affected me more than I dare to admit. Then the photography and also drawing I picked up where I left recently. Writing for personal purposes, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr and one more activity I’ve started a few weeks ago.

Short days, long wish lists…Nothing has changed actually, life simply goes on with all of us in it. Happy and grateful that we have such a full life, and boredom has never entered mine.

Thank you taking time for reading this. Love to you all 🙂  xxx