Hunters are everywhere this morning, disturbing the newly discovered peace of mind…Then a soothing piano music for me to appreciate the green beauties in the garden. I can watch two holly trees, Leyland cypress trees, and pine trees from where I work. The snow couldn’t resist the warm storm winters, torrential rains of late; disappeared to nothingness. Brave birds, in spite of gun shots, are trying to enjoy bird food hanging all over the trees resembling an ornate Christmas tree. ET is shocked but not afraid, making angry noises like a growling dog!

I read a blog post this morning from a fellow blogger, a friend remembering her father with an exquisite poem. For me it was the best poem I have ever read. I love poetry, love reciting them to myself, I have studied literature even. But hers was so unique, touching the soul, moving one’s heart that I will be reading it again and again, until I can recite it by heart. I love it and I will be reblogging it immediately after this.

We have days we cherish even with sadness, and some days we wish that they would just disappear and stop torturing us.  In fact sadness and torture are coming from within us, therefore I stop blaming the days instead I will recognize their value in one’s life and be grateful that we are alive and well…

I do wish you a Sunday to your heart’s content; be happy!

Greetings with hugs 🙂 xxx