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My very first Throwback Thursday is going to be my first blog here on Word Press. As usual my birds were on my mind, always my birds… This is an unselfish love towards these courageous creatures of our nature, our world! How can one not to have these feelings? They have everything I don’t. Yes they are not human beings, and they live with their instincts. But you should observe them while nesting, caring together for their chicks! Then I don’t see any difference between them and human parents. My walk-in- wardrobe cum study is still full with all sorts of bird food; I still use a big part of my budget for them making a choice between them and my needs: they always win!



Preparations for winter

02SaturdayNov 2013


It is now time for hoarding as much bird food as possible. Two years ago in the harsh winter I could not leave home for three weeks due to snow. Daily affords of shoveling snow were inutile, big bags of road salt for driveway did not work either. From garage to street is a long driveway to gate which was also blocked by merciless snow trucks. By an attempt of cleaning the roads they pushed all the snow to my gate, blocking it totally. Strong frost well under -20*C froze the snow to a solid block. And nobody in this godforsaken country offered help. I have learned my lesson hard way. Many weeks now from oatmeal to flour are being bought and put away for winter. But my birds are much more important for they have only me…So big bags of wild bird food, peanuts, all sizes of fat balls, sunflower seeds, coconut fat are now blocking my study which is a passage to my bedroom. I intend to buy more to avoid the tragedy: the death of four birds four years ago. Since that winter I am feeding them. It was very sad to try burying them in the snow, in the frozen solid ground. It has to be avoided at all cost, methinks…