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Happy New Year 2015

2014: A year of heartaches, happy moments, discoveries… Wonderful novels; surreal, crazy paintings, art-world.  So near, then faraway…

Lost independence fight, lost hopes never to return!  I’m happy it’s over.

2015: A year full of hope, Tears will be wiped, room for happiness, most of all for love. Without love I’m nowhere… Sincerity, honesty and love: I’ll be finding them all, even if well hidden somewhere…

2015 will be my year to shine, spreading happiness to world:  Smiling to Life together, embracing fate when the angels are calling… I want to mean a lot to someone who will mean the worlds to me!

The skin of my colour shouldn’t be discriminated. I’m what I am, and proud of it!I won’t paint my world dark. I had dark days; I am now in need of bright ones. I’ll add colour to my paintings, love to my songs… I’ll recite poems of hope and expectations and love. I will sing ballads of olden times, smile endlessly. My mandolin has only happy tunes.

I will cry if I feel like when I remember the happy moments with nostalgia. I will only remember the happy moments. I will remember you often; I wish I could leave you behind in 2014. Yet I can’t, I’ll carry you to the New Year only by remembering our happy moments, not the intolerance, not the sadness, not the selfishness.

2015 here you are and here I come…