Today I have yellow Gerbera after white, pink, red, and orange ones. This time of the year they brighten our days, stay fresh a long time, and they pose beautifully; they are photogenic! This Gerbera bouquet I found at the local supermarket, not next door but about 10 km away. There’s nothing local to be found around me: just a few houses spread here and there…



Gerbera Flower Yellow is a stunning array of simplicity that takes the leading reigns, and shares a natural creation that is stunningly vibrant, outstandingly vivacious, and exceedingly charming with its flamboyant joy and heartfelt life. Either a dark, black center or a pale green one centralize the bloom, bringing it all together so it can be alike an even composition, harmonized with the light ring of the petals alike downy that reach around the bulb, thin but still adding texture and marking it as a traditional daisy. This then leads to the long, fluid petals, donned with bright, shinning yellow that truly grasps the stunning nature of this bloom. This flower is an excellent choice for any sort of event, fitting arrangement with Boxwood and Volkenfrieden Delphinium.