North Pole PBox

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while now that I first started writing letters to you with my wishes, hopes, and loves (ever so secretly hoping that you might send him to me)…

I wished many things, from kittens to puppies, a jet-black crow on my shoulder, the dreamiest doll ever existed, then that boy from 3C with blond curls, many love letters all addressed to me, beautiful long hair…. I must admit I’ve been granted many of my wishes. You never delivered “that boy”, remember? I’ve never been angry with you, loved you whatever you surprised me with.

Now I am a grown woman as you notice, still loving you, though I stopped writing to you; I don’t remember when or why. With unexplained feelings and urge sending you this letter hoping that you might understand my feelings: feelings of a young girl hidden in this woman.

I still fall in love more than I wish for: not for blond curls or blue eyes anymore but for real men with a personality disorder. Happily they are never aware of my feelings, so they can’t make fun of me with their weird sense of humour. They’re generally older than me, with an air of superiority, leading complex lives accompanied by a harem.


So you see Santa, there lies my problem: I am stubborn, I don’t see a point in joining a harem, sharing my love with many! They are also very stubborn; they won’t give up their chaotic life of hippies! So please Santa, please send me advice in any way you choose. Though I prefer an email to a very short text message. Or please use Messenger with an explicit message.

Thanking you in advance dear Santa,

Will always be yours,



Thank you everyone