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The shortest days of the  year. All I see is dark, cloudy skies; the sun is well-hidden somewhere up there, not giving a clue on its whereabouts. From early morning on candles are pretending to be surrogate to the sun, no likeness, still their flames dancing elegantly each time I passed them by. Open fire is now on, since wood supplier brought us his unsalable crooked- bent- sometimes longer than my fireplace wood =over 1 m-  a few weeks ago. It’ll be on until spring, until it won’t be needed to replace sun rays with its flames…


Poor birds have now the shortest time to devour their food, so in semi-darkness I distribute their food long before they start flying. Second feeding is before noon now; after four o’clock they are already settling to their sleeping places. Still singing though… One can easily notice their rush, hastiness to food; they’re eating to survive the elements.


One discusses everywhere these days, as always nearing the day: Will it be a white Christmas? Of course it is only for the half of the world; the other half is celebrating Christmas on the beach! I cannot imagine a hot summer day as Christmas; neither can they believe a cold rainy/snowy day as their BBQ filled Christmas…

I would like to wish you all a wondrous Christmas wherever you are…

Thank you everyone